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We need your support.  Every donation, no matter how small or large, will help to save the life of a neglected, abused or abandoned companion animal.  Please donate generously.  From intake to placement our average cost for each dog or cat for a 90 day period is $250, which may include veterinarian care, spay/neuter, shots, worming, shelter and food.  Volunteers are welcomed and needed.  Please refer to our wish list for much needed supplies and services.

The strength of Happy PAWS Haven is it's membership. From concerned citizens to professional agencies, our diverse membership base has helped to carry our mission of protecting animals.  

Our goals are: 

  •   To provide continuous shelter for companion animals that have been abused, abandoned or neglected where they can recover in peace and dignity until a permanent home can be found.

  •   To increase the number of Spayed and Neutered animals in North Alabama.

  •   To enhance our communities' capacity to respond effectively to the needs of vulnerable domestic companion animals. 

  •   As a member of the shelter community in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee provide networking support to enhance our ability to rescue animals that are abused or abandoned. 

  •   Develop community awareness of this overwhelming burden of the need for animal shelters that has developed as a result of abuse and neglect and the financial impact on local communities.

  •   Educate young people about proper care and respect for domestic animals.

 In order to help us to continue to provide benefits to those animals that are suffering and those we are sheltering and to help us to better achieve these goals, please choose the sponsorship that is best affordable for you: 

Sponsor a rescue for $25 a month (Recurring payment)   

Sponsor rescues for $250 a year   

Become a Benefactor for $500 a year   

Provide a spay or neuter for $75   

Contribute any amount that is affordable for you and your family      

Your contributions are tax deductible.

Our Happy Paws are extremely grateful for your generosity.

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