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Here are a few of the testimonials we have received.  More to come as soon as we find the time to upload them.

Editor's note:  Augie, a purebred Irish Setter, was rescued from a back yard where he was tethered on a 10' chain for 1.5 years (he was 2 when he came to us).  Emaciated and constantly beaten because he barked for attention, he also suffered from an ear infection that created a discharge that crusted on the hair of his left ear that weighed 2.5 pounds when it was removed.  After a full recovery that took 6 months, he was placed for adoption.  Larry Summers, suffering from beginning Alzheimer's, fell in love with Augie and Augie with him at first sight.  Eventually, Augie was trained to become the first Alzheimer's Companion Animal in the United States, approved by the American Alzheimer's Association.  Augie is trained to bark to alert the Summers family when Larry picks up his car keys, goes to the door, and is trained to stay by his side at all times.  Augie carries a pouch around his neck where Larry's ID and money is kept and is allowed into restaurants and public facilities as an assistance dog.  The server asks Augie for permission to take money from the pouch and Augie barks once to say it is OK, and growls if it isn't!

To the wonderful owners and employees of Happy Paws,
My father (Larry Summers) came by today and adopted Augie. If you could only know what joy Augie has already given him and my mother. I know that Augie and my father have already bonded when he informed me today that they both went to the park together. Thank you for placing them together. It seems as though they are a great match.
Unfortunately, I have not met Augie yet. My husband and I live in Tallahassee, Florida. He is a captain in the Army and we will be station here for the next year. However, we to have a rescued German shepherd mix that was neglected. With allot of work, patience, time, and most of all love he has come to be a member of our pack. We also have a cat that we rescued from the humane society. They truly are our sons (even though we have a one year old son as well).
My father and I are planning a time so that Bowden (our Shepard mix) and Augie can meet one another. It will be nice to know that Bowden will have a friend when we come home for the holidays.
Thank you again for placing Augie with my father. Also, thank you for all the hard work and dedication that you put into Augie. It is always wonderful to know that there are other animal lovers and activists out there in our sometimes cruel world. We will visit you when we come through Huntsville again.

Thank You
Christine Moon

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Good morning David & Sylvia,
I wanted to let you guys knows Augie is just loving it here. He has adjusted so well to the move. My wife, Vicki has fell in love with him so much just as I have that this morning she hated to leave him for work. Vicki has enjoyed walking Augie each evening when she gets home. I have never seen her show so much interest in an animal before. We have had pets all threw our thirty years of marriage and she has loved them all but just the same I have never seen her show so much affection as to wont to go outside and visit Augie each night before bed time in the rain.
Augie and I have visited four local parks in two days and he loves to be able to get off of the leash and run. As he dose he keeps looking back at me to make sure it is OK for him to do so. Always when he gets a good distance away I call him back and he comes running and with such a force it almost knocks you down, wanting to hear he is a good boy and getting a big hug form Vicki and myself.
He has also adjusted great to the fenced in back yard. His dog house is under the house and he loves it. I put him a large pillow in it and always after we have been playing for a long while and he is worn out, his pillow at the peace and quite of his house is where he wants to be. I have been leaving the door under the house open to get him used to going under and last night when it got cold I was worried he may get cold. I started training him to use the doggie door, thinking I would have to crawl threw it several time to show his how to use it. Not so, just one time letting him to it himself and showing him how proud I was of him for doing so well, now ever time I go out he jumps threw it looking for a hug. This morning when I went out side he was enjoying his warmth and sleep so much I thought I was going to have to shake the dog house to get him up, instead he heard Vicki's voice coming and the next thing I knew he was running in and out of the doggie door wanting hugs and kisses.
We just love him to death and I believe he loves us the same. Thank you so much for bringing so much happiness in our lives. I will stay in contact and sent more pictures as I can.
God Bless & again Thanks
Larry and Vicki Summers

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Below is the result of a feedback form. It was submitted on Sunday, May 23, 2004 at 17:37:42
City County: Huntsville, Madison
State: Alabama
Shelter: Happy Paws Haven
Shelter Location: Arab, AL
Result of Petfinder: Yes Petfinder helped make this happy tail
Share info: Yes, you can share my story
Press: Huntsville Times

Message: My husband and I have a male tabby cat named Ferris who was recently acting like he was getting lonely. We both work full-time, and Ferris was attention-starved by the time we got home. We decided to look for a companion for him.

We got on Petfinder and browsed the pictures and profiles of cats at local shelters. After weeks of deliberation, we had narrowed our choices down to three cats, all of whom were at the same shelter. We made an appointment at the shelter and gave the names of the cats in which we were interested.

When we got to the shelter, we almost immediately bonded with a cat named Rollo - one of the three we had picked off of Petfinder! She fell asleep, purring, in my husband's arms. We happily adopted her and brought her home.

In no time at all, Rollo (now Lola) and Ferris became the best of friends. They cuddle together, eat out of the same bowl, and play together. Ferris has lost weight and become healthier and more active since Lola's arrival - and he's not lonely at all anymore. And Lola is just the sweetest companion, always wanting to be around me, my husband, and Ferris.

We're so happy to have such a wonderful new cat, one who fills our life with such happiness and who has done wonders for Ferris. We're one big happy family now, and we owe a huge debt of gratitude to Petfinder for helping us find the perfect addition to our home. We now recommend your website to anyone looking for a pet. Thanks for the amazing service you provide!

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