Of Course You Can Cry

When you lose your best friend—the one you could always count on to be there when you were down, the one who warmed you, played with you, and made you laugh no matter how bad you felt—then of course you can cry.

Feelings are Feelings

Your other friends may not understand how painful it is for you to lose your pet, but only you know how strong the bond was between you. No one else has the right to judge your sorrow.

Turning Sorrow into Joy

  •   Talk to friends about your pet—the good times, the bad times, and the way it ended. Talking about your loss will help you feel better.

  •   Make a memorial donation in her memory to an animal shelter and care agency.

  •   Have a memorial service alone, standing in the woods or by your pet’s favorite creek or pond. Bring a cherished photograph to symbolize your pet. Say a prayer or read a poem that expresses your feelings. Leave flowers, dog biscuits, or kitty treats as a parting gift of remembrance.

  •   Let yourself feel the pain and the loss, and appreciate all the years you had together.

And remember; of course you can cry.

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