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Back To School

When the kids head back to school, why not enroll you and your dogs in a few classes too? Obedience classes will help your pooch learn a few basic behaviors essential to good doggie etiquette:

  •   like not jumping on people

  •   walking on a leash (instead of dragging you down the street)

  •   or coming when called

If your dog has the basics down pat, try an advanced obedience class or even agility classes.

You’re never too young or too old to go back to school—even if you count your age in dog years. 

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Someday, My Dog Will Come.

It may sound simple to get your dog to come when called, but you need to teach her this behavior.

The Simple Facts

  •   Your puppy may follow you now, but this is because they follow anyone who pays attention to him.

  •   When a dog matures to six to nine months and develops other interests, it will take off in the direction of any good scent or diversion no matter what you say.

  •   Dogs need to be trained to come when called.

It Takes Good Training

  •   Just hollering the dog’s name over and over again until it wanders your way is not training.

  •   Take her to a good obedience training course.

  •   Ask your animal shelter for information on obedience training, and enroll yourself and your four-footed friend, so that someday, your dog will come.

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