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At Happy PAWS Haven, Inc.

Our Progressive Animal Welfare System (PAWS) concept is that we do not impound these wonderful creatures in an antiseptic, caged atmosphere, like that found in typical animal shelters.  The dogs and cats are kept in a natural setting.  They have the opportunity to roam in grassy paddocks and forested areas with oversight and control by our staff.  When an animal arrives injured or sick they are quarantined and nurtured by caring human hands back to health.  Dogs and cats are kept separated from the main population until an emotional, behavioral and psychological assessment can be made, then if all is well, they are slowly integrated into a pack or cattery.

Veterinary services are provided and all animals receive immediate examinations.  Birthing areas are provided until the female is comfortable with her surroundings, then slowly introduced into the canine or feline society. This psychology is necessary to ensure a successful transformation in the adoption process.

Beginning training is provided as soon as the puppy, kitten, dog or cat becomes acclimatized.  With older animals, this process is developed as soon as the newcomer arrives at Happy PAWS Haven.  Dogs that have been abused or trained to attack are treated with gentleness and patience, until deprogramming is achieved, which might take months or even years. 

Our success with this philosophy is well documented. Adopted animals are tracked to ensure compatibility with the new family and to monitor their health and well being.  We encourage the new family to work with the adoptee, to have patience and give the relationship a chance.  If the relationship does not work, the family is encouraged to return the pet to us.


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