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Why Should You Report a Stray Companion Animal?

Helping Anotherís Friend

  •   Whether a pet has been lost for one day or three weeks makes no difference.

  •   Stray animals are scared or confused by their strange surroundings.

  •   They are hungry and constantly looking for food.

  •   They run the risk of being hit by cars, taunted or hurt by cruel people, or coming into contact with rabid animals.

  •   They may not be vaccinated against rabies either. And if they have the disease, they could bite another neighborhood animal or unsuspecting child and pass it along.

Call Your Local Shelter!

  •   Remember the description and location of the stray animal.

  •   Youíll be ending the animalís suffering, perhaps reuniting him with his owner, and ensuring your communityís safety too.

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Keeping Track of Your Pet

Whether lost or stolen, losing a pet is an agonizing experience. Yet most people fail to put any kind of identification on their pets to ensure their safe return home. In fact, only about 16 percent of lost dogs and 2 percent of lost cats at shelters are ever reunited with their owners.

ID Tags

  •   An ID tag on your petís collar is essential, since anyone can use it to get your pet home. 

  •   The tag should include your name, address, phone number (day and evening is best), and the petís name. 

  •   If youíre willing to pay a reward, then put the word reward on the tag too. 

  •   Put the number (day and night) of a friend on another tag if youíre traveling. 


  •   A permanent ID system that involves marking pertinent information on the skin of the pet. 

  •   The finder must call a database and use the code tattooed on your pet to get your current address and phone number. 

  •   This is invaluable ID should your pet be stolen for research, since laboratories will instantly know the animal is not abandoned, but a beloved pet 

  •   You must keep your information up to date 


  •   This is a tiny electronic capsule which is embedded under the petís skin. 

  •   When a pet is found, anyone with a scanner (like many animal care and control agencies, veterinary clinics, 
      and research labs) may quickly identify a code which, when the database is called, will identify you as the owner. 

  •   You must keep your information up to date. 

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