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Founded in 1997 by Silvia and David Harvey, Happy PAWS Haven (Progressive Animal Welfare System) is located in Arab, Marshall County, Alabama.  

Happy PAWS Haven, Inc., a no-kill, no-kennel, spay and neuter Companion Animal Shelter, received the IRS 501(c)3 Federal Non-profit Agency status in January 2002.  Our EIN number is 72-1519078.  This allows all donations to be tax-deductible that follow IRS guidelines (please consult your accountant to find out how this can benefit you).

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to provide a place where abused, abandoned or neglected dogs and cats will be able to recover in peace and with dignity. 

  • We serve the citizens of Marshall County, Alabama and surrounding counties without regard to the breed of the dog or cat we rescue. 

  • Our mission is to help to implement and provide oversight for a low-income spay/neuter program in Marshall County, Alabama to assist in impeding the epidemic conditions of dog and cat overpopulation in this rural county of North Alabama. 

  • Our mission is to educate the citizens of Marshall County  with regard to the absolute necessity of spaying and neutering of all companion animals to help prevent overpopulation.

  • Our mission is to provide aid and assistance wherever possible to people that need help with food, inoculation, housing or other basic needs for their companion animals to ensure the wellbeing of the animals in their care. 

  • Our mission is to encourage the leaders of Marshall County to implement new codes regarding the breeding of dogs and cats in this area and to enforce the codes to provide funding for a better animal control agency in the county that is dedicated to humane animal control and assistance to the citizens of Marshall County first and foremost, and to reduce the overpopulation of dogs and cats in the county.  Additionally, to encourage the Marshall County Commission to adequately fund a facility dedicated to humane impoundment of companion animals where the euthanization rate is less than the current rate of 95% of all dogs and cats that enter the contracted kill shelter in Guntersville, Alabama.

  • Our mission is to help change the mindset of the general population with regard to the attitude about what a dog or cat means to a human family unit in order to reduce the rate of abandonment of companion animals in Marshall County, which is at an all-time high. 

  • Our mission is to assist local courts and law-enforcement agencies in their pursuit of the perpetrators of companion animal abuse, neglect, cruelty and abandonment according to the laws of the State of Alabama wherever possible.

  • Our mission is to serve our higher power by providing a voice for these wonderful creatures of God that cannot speak for themselves.

The History of Happy PAWS Haven, Inc.

Like most people that become involved in this work we started by taking in stray cats and dogs in 1997.  We provided medical treatment, housing, food, training and love to each animal, then spayed or neutered each one, then found a good, loving home for them.   David and Silvia have been involved in cat and dog rescue since the 1960's and 1970's.  In 1998 we rescued several dozens of animals and our veterinarian began speaking to us about becoming a non-profit organization. 

We decided to name our organization Happy PAWS Haven, Inc., with the acronym PAWS related to "Progressive Animal Welfare System".   The PAWS system has been developed by trial and error and then success in rehabilitating abused and neglected animals by combining them into a pack system for canines and a cattery for felines.  We found that recovery time is greatly reduced by incorporating previously tethered canines (especially) in a pack/family unit based on Alpha and Beta personality combinations, for example. 

With the guidance of several people and many hours of research we applied for our 501c3 status with the IRS in 2001 after incorporating as a C Corporation in the State of Alabama.  We were granted that status in 2002.  

Over the past years we have processed an average of 65 animals per year through our Haven, largely funded with our private funds. 

Happy PAWS Haven, Inc., moved to Arab, Marshall County, Alabama in 2003 after purchasing our current home/facility and acreage.  Since our arrival in Marshall County we have helped a large amount of animals from intake to adoption.  We have 2 dozen or so animals that are not adoptable for various reasons and they will live here until they pass. 

As a non-profit facility, we rely heavily on donations, grants, bequests, membership dues, gifts-in-kind and fundraising events. Like every non-profit, we always have a "wish list" and welcome any and all gifts. Find out what's on our Wish List

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