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The animals shown here have been adopted.   All dogs and cats pictured on the adoption pages are available to new homes.  Over the last 4 years we have successfully placed animals in loving homes, after allowing them to reside in this no-kennel, no-cage open atmosphere.  

Our purpose in presenting this is to quantify the concept of a PAWS (Progressive Animal Welfare System) and to show you that this works with careful supervision.  

Hopefully, after reviewing this you'll find our concept to be worthy of your interest, and a few of you will find a way to open a similar rescue facility with a no-kill, no-kennel philosophy.  

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Cookie.jpg (74489 bytes)

Cookie with her new family.

Peaches.jpg (66706 bytes)

Peaches with her new family.

White Boy.jpg (49970 bytes)

White Boy with his new family.

Zorro.jpg (69143 bytes)

Zorro with his new family.

Ceasar.jpg (36153 bytes)    Sheeba.jpg (35311 bytes)

    Ceasar and Sheeba were found abandoned under a Mobile Home at around 5 weeks of age. They were very sick and malnourished at the time. Dr. Crabb (our vet) told us that if we hadn't found them when we did, they would have died within days.  After a few weeks of bottle feeding and tender loving care with the aid of medicine, they recovered. Today they are healthy, beautiful Apple-head Siamese cats.  

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Droopy.jpg (60479 bytes)

Droopy (a Pit Bull) was living at the neighbors house. He was fed table scraps (chicken bones, salad and white bread when he was lucky) and had stagnant, green mosquito larvae infested water to drink. We started feeding him daily and giving him fresh water. He had been malnourished and beaten.  After about two years he found a way out of the fenced yard of his owner and has refused to go back. Although we tried to discourage it at first, he has been living with us ever since.  Every time the neighbor pulls into his driveway, Droopy barks and howls at him.  Droopy is an excellent watch dog and protector of cats.

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Duchess.jpg (15400 bytes)    Duchess.jpg (66973 bytes)

Duchess wondered into our yard in the spring of 2001. She was totally emaciated and could hardly walk (see picture on the left). She had chewed through the ropes tied around her neck in search of food. We gave her some food and water and let her rest for a few hours. It was obvious that she was nursing, so we put her on a training leash and followed her back to her puppies. She lead us to a Mobile Home and we found she had seven puppies. There was no water put out for her and the food that was provided was soggy and rancid. She had been tied to a short rope and was living in her feces, along with her pups.  We confronted the owners and  we rescued Duchess and her pups. Duchess weighed 32 pounds at the time and even the vet thought she was a Doberman,  because she was so thin. As it turned out, she is a Rottweiler. We hand fed her puppies every few hours for the first few weeks (they were 10 days old when we found them) and they were placed in good loving homes at the age of 5 months. Duchess has become a beautiful healthy dog and is loved very much.

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    Max.jpg (49111 bytes)    Moe.jpg (65267 bytes)

Max and Moe were found abandoned in a field in the pouring rain. They were about 4 months old at the time. They were very skittish and frightened.  They are Labrador/Shepard mix.  They were the first Dogs we rescued.  Max has become the Alpha male of the pack.  Moe supports Max.  When newcomers arrive they are introduced to Max and Moe first so dominance in the society will be established.  

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Toby.jpg (42259 bytes)

Toby was rescued from an apartment complex as a 5 month old kitten.  He was abandoned and starved.  Toby is the dominant male in the cattery.  All newcomers are introduced to him first to establish his dominance.

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   Sally.jpg (29312 bytes)    Scooter.JPG (32742 bytes)

Sally (left) and Scooter were rescued from a porch windowsill at 4 weeks old.  Apparently, they were abandoned or became lost from their mother, probably a feral cat.  They were flea and tick infested and had gastronomic infections.  After bottle feeding and medication they grew to be loving and wonderful cats.  We've had to put sticks through the handles of our kitchen cabinets to keep Scooter from opening them and pulling the contents (canned food, cups, dishes, etc.) out.  

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Samantha.jpg (23046 bytes)

David was in a field near some woods hitting golf balls when Samantha meowed.  She came up to him after he called and he put her in his truck and brought her home that evening.  The location is near the Tennessee River, and this was after a holiday, so she was probably dropped off in the woods by her previous owner.  Samantha is demure and very cuddly, except when she plants her claws in your leg to show how pleased she is when you pet her.

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Sascha.jpg (29101 bytes)

Sasha was found by a friend in her driveway at 4 weeks old.  We bottle fed her until she was weaned at about 7 weeks.  She is a one person cat, but will tolerate other humans if necessary.

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    Sneezy.JPG (36414 bytes)    Snuffy.jpg (53758 bytes)

Sneezy (left) and Snuffy are sister and brother.  They are Tuxedo cats.  They were born in a hedgerow near an apartment complex.  They were trapped along with 2 brothers at about 8 weeks old, hand fed and weaned.  Their mother, a feral cat, was not able to be trapped and soon afterward disappeared.  Their brothers were adopted and are living comfortably somewhere in Alabama.

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Felicia.JPG (44186 bytes)

Felicia was also found in the same apartment complex.  She is a long hair black Angora cat that is the queen of the cattery.  All new arrivals must meet with her approval.  Both she and Toby are about 5 years old and are the longest term residents of Happy PAWS Haven.

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