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Hot Hound or Cool Canine?

You may want sun and surf in the summer but your dog wants shade and water. Hereís some tips on how to keep your companion animal cool and safe during hot weather!

Prevention is the Best Medicine

  •   Never take your pet with you in the car if it will be left unattended for any length of time.
  •   Even with the car windows slightly open, the temperature inside the car can reach 120ļ in just minutes!
  •   Provide an outside dog with access to cool drinking water
  •   Ensure he has access to lots of shade other than a tree! As the day goes by, a tree does not always provide 
  •   When away from home, always carry water with you on hot days and give your pet small amounts frequently.

Signs of Heatstroke

  •   excessive panting
  •   salivation
  •   vomiting
  •   an anxious or staring expression,
  •   a fast pulse rate and high body temperature


  •   Immediately immerse the animal in cool water or pour cool water over the animal
  •   You can also put ice packs on the animalís head.
  •   As soon as the animal cools off, take it to the veterinarian for medical treatment.

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When The Heat Is On

Even when the sunís not out, summer brings hot weather and family vacations. Your pets will be affected by both. For a healthier, happier summer for you and your pets, follow these tips:

  •   Never leave your pets in a parked car, even if the windows are open. Ten minutes could be too long on a 
      hot day. By then, the temperature inside the car could reach 160ļ. Thatís hot enough to cause a dog to 
      suffer heat stroke.
  •   Pets donít perspire as people do. They cool themselves by panting. With only very hot air to breathe, your 
      pets could suffer permanent brain damage within moments. If emergency care is not given, your pets could 
      die. They may want to come along, but itís much kinder to leave your pets at home with plenty of fresh, cool 
      water and shade.
  •   Check your pets regularly for fleas, which are more common in hot weather. For flea control to be effective, 
      your petsí entire environment must be treated, including the yard. Never use flea control products for dogs 
      on cats, as they may ingest the powerful chemicals while grooming.
  •   Without the proper planning, your dream vacation could become a nightmare for your pets. If they are staying 
      behind, make advance boarding reservations with a veterinary clinic, reputable kennel or pet sitter; or make 
      arrangements with a responsible friend.
  •   Your pets should always wear collars with proper identification tags (rabies and/or license) and be kept under 
      control in accordance with local leash laws. This is even more important when vacationing, as pets can easily 
      become lost in a strange environment.

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