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When You Move

Moving to a new home can be just as stressful on your pet as it is on you. So help your pet through this change of address by

  1. Knowing beforehand if your pets will need medication for nervousness or carsickness. 

  2. Listing the supplies your pet will need during the move--food, water; medications, bedding, toys, medical records. The familiar scent of their belongings will comfort them. 

  3. Keeping your pet away from all of the moving-day activity by confining her to a room, your car; or her crate. Itís 
    hard to pack, move furniture, and keep an eye on your pet who, if frightened, could bolt out the door unnoticed. 

  4. Remove bowls and any other objects that might fly around in the cage and hurt your pet. 

  5. Remember that fish, hamsters and other small pets need a constant temperature. 

  6. Unpacking and settling in a bit at your new home before turning your pets loose in the house. Set out their food and water bowls, bedding, and other toys. 

  7. Orienting your pets to their new surroundings. Walk your dog around the house, yard, and block. Sit quietly for a few moments and pet your cat. Donít be surprised if your cat hides for few days until the noises and smells become familiar. 

Simply be patient and reassuring with your pets, and theyíll adjust quickly to their new home.

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Are We All Moving?

Responsible pet ownership
"Weíre moving" is one of the most common excuses given when owners leave their pets at the shelter. You can imagine how hard it is on an animal to be left behind. A pet may live ten to 15 years, and most people donít live in one place that long. Moving with pets can be a problem, but the time to consider these problems is before you adopt a pet.

Renting and pets
If you are a renter, it can be very difficult to find a landlord who will allow pets. If you own a pet, youíll have to restrict your choice of apartments to those where pets are allowed, and an extra damage deposit may be required. A pet who is neutered, tagged, and well behaved may help get a negative landlord in a positive mood. However, you must be careful that your dog isnít annoying the neighbors with constant barking or your cat shredding the drapes.

If you have a companion animal you are thinking about giving up because of a move, please contact your local shelter or us for solutions for keeping your beloved pet.

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